SACF is a multidisciplinary arts festival showcasing Syria’s vibrant arts and culture. Our curated multi-disciplinary programme of events offers a creative collision of film, music, performance, visual arts and talks. The festival brings together established alongside emerging artists, filmmakers, performers, and musicians to offer London audiences alternative narratives and perspectives on Syria, its people, and culture.


The festival’s name, SACF, is an acronym for Syrian Arts and Culture Festival. It also is a transliteration of the Arabic word ‘سقف’, meaning ‘roof’ or ‘ceiling’, a word which is also colloquially used to represent the very ‘limit’ of something. By drawing on these imaginaries, SACF sets out to embody multiple meanings. On one hand, the festival aims to bring people together under a shared roof, where new connections and understandings can take shape. On the other hand, it acts as a provocation against the limits imposed on forms of creative expression that many Syrians have cunningly navigated. SACF aspires to be a creative platform where limits can be pushed and boundaries are broken. 


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This project is a collaboration between Zamakan and Marsm.